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Hi Alison,

Thanks for the feedback on the survey questions. I think this will provide valuable data on contemporary thinking among educators relating to the sharing of knowledge -- but also a nice feature to give immediate feedback to learners on the course.

I agree with both suggestions for the style guidelines for this development. Consistency is more important than individual preferences for this task imho. Draw a line in the sand and post these guidelines to the list ;-). We'll follow the recommendations.


Mackiwg (talk)15:21, 29 December 2010

Agreed, this will be a good tool to learn about what educators are thinking on this issue.

I'll make the changes on the survey as suggested. I noticed a style guide page for the project, so I'll add these as style guidelines. (I'm hoping to get time in the near future to review the content pages.) I'll post a link to the style page, once revised, and ask for additional suggestions.


ASnieckus (talk)15:44, 29 December 2010

Really appreciate your contributions -- thank you :-D.

Your a skilled editor and WE need this input to fix up my lack of attention to detail. Yip -- have set up a style guideline page for this project to focus on consistency decisions unique to this project. Eg, naming conventions for all the CC license ;-).


Mackiwg (talk)16:32, 29 December 2010