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I did a little work to lay out some possible modules for the spreadsheet tutorials. See Spreadsheet tutorials/Content design.

I've included two "existing" module layouts:

  1. based on the CCNC module 4 OpenOffice Calc based materials hosted on the Commonwealth of Learning website (the materials Wayne suggested in the earlier discussions).
  2. based on an Calc-based tutorial on WE, which I started a few years ago for use with intro stats students. (The two modules that I completed offer a sense of how these tutorial modules might be created on WE.) I ended up not getting the full tutorial done in time for the students to use, and then my version of Ubuntu changed, and I became daunted by the thought of updating the screenshots. (Definitely one of the drawbacks to providing these tutorials is the recurring software updates.)

Betty, I think it would be good to compare these content module frameworks to the framework used for ESC's Excel tutorial. The idea is to create modules that could be included as needed into tutorials for specific purposes (both software choice and subject). Let me know your thoughts on this.


ASnieckus (talk)12:20, 21 March 2012