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Spreadsheet tutorials is envisioned to be a set of tutorials for learning how to work with spreadsheets. The goal is to create modularized learning materials which are grouped together to suit various learning contexts:

  • the use of spreadsheets to support learning in different subject areas, e.g., beginning algebra, financial literacy, introductory statistics, introductory accounting
  • the use of different spreadsheet software and operating systems.

The initial offerings will be tutorials providing basic instruction in using a spreadsheet.

Some basics for how the learning materials will work

The learning materials will be structured to include the following:

  • step-by-step follow-along instructions: do this, then this, then this -- such that the learner acts in step with the instructions
  • frequent screen images, to help orient the learner as to how to accomplish speicific tasks
  • occasional screencasts (short videos) showing how to do specific tasks
  • an independent practice activity at the end of each learning module

(Comment.gif: is it useful to include a self-assessment activity at the end of each module? --Alison Snieckus 22:46, 19 March 2012 (UTC))

Structuring the Content

Organize the material into chunks (i.e., modules). Here are some possibles at the intro level:

Based on COL Open ICDL materials[1]

The following section headings are adapted for application to spreadsheets in general. Also a practice activity is added as relevant.

Introduction to spreadsheets

  • Overview
  • Development of the spreadsheet
  • Design considerations for spreadsheet documents
  • Summary

Using the Spreadsheet Application: The Basics

  • Overview
  • Opening and closing the spreadsheet software
  • Creating, opening, and closing spreadsheets
    • Creating a new spreadsheet
    • Opening an existing spreadsheet from within the software application
    • Closing a single spreadsheet
    • Working with multiple spreadsheets
      • Close more than one spreadsheet
  • Saving spreadsheets
    • Saving on the hard drive of your computer
    • Save an existing file under another name
    • Save in another file type
    • Save different Versions
  • Getting Help
  • Practice activity
  • Self Assessment
  • Summary

Working with spreadsheets

  • Overview
  • Locating the components of the spreadsheet window
    • The spreadsheet window explained
  • Spreadsheet toolbars
    • The Menu Toolbar
    • The Function Toolbar
    • The Formatting Toolbar
    • The Formula Toolbar
    • The Spreadsheet Work Area
    • Columns, Rows and Cells
    • Tabs
  • Adjusting the application settings
    • Magnification Tools
    • Modifying Options (show/hide toolbars)
      • To show or hide toolbars:
      • To modify a toolbar:
  • Practice activity
  • Self Assessment
  • Summary

Adding content to spreadsheets

  • Overview
  • Scenario
  • Working with cells
    • Selecting cells and cell ranges
    • Entering data in cells
      • Editing data
      • Using Undo/Redo
      • Numerical data
      • Date format of data
    • Using Find and Replace
      • Replacing text or data
    • Sorting data
    • Formatting cells
      • Formatting appearance
      • Merging cells
      • Text wrapping
    • Copying and Moving cells
    • Using Autofill
  • Working with rows and columns
    • Inserting and deleting rows and columns
      • To insert a row or column:
      • Exercise on the Scenario
      • Delete a row or column
    • Formatting rows and columns
      • Row height
      • Column width
  • Working with worksheets
    • Rename a worksheet
    • Switch between worksheets
    • Insert a new worksheet
    • Duplicate a worksheet
    • Delete a worksheet
  • Practice activity
  • Self Assessment
  • Summary

Formulas and Functions

  • Overview
  • Arithmetic formulas
    • Creating formulas
    • Arithmetic operators
    • Using cell references in formulas
    • Relative cell references
    • Absolute cell references
  • Functions
    • Cell ranges
      • Exercise on the Scenario
  • Practice activity
  • Self Assessment
  • Summary

Charts and graphs

  • Overview
  • Types of charts
  • Creating charts from cell data
  • Modifying a chart
    • Move the chart to its own worksheet
    • Resize the chart
    • Change chart type
  • Practice activity
  • Self Assessment
  • Summary

Preparing spreadsheets for output

  • Overview
  • Setting up a worksheet for printing
    • Worksheet orientation
    • Headers and Footers
      • Headers
      • Footers
  • Printing worksheets
    • Setting the print area
    • Printing
  • Practice activity
  • Self Assessment
  • Summary

A previous CCNC/Calc content layout[2]

The is similar to the Open ICDL materials. Differences are in the beginning sections: Getting to know application includes two sections in Open ICDL materials. There are a few additional topics included.

Getting to know the application

  • Creating, opening and closing spreadsheets
  • Locating the components of the spreadsheet Screen (software specific?)
  • Saving spreadsheets
  • Handling worksheets
  • Activity
  • Summary

Working with and in cells

  • Selection in a worksheet
  • Inserting within a worksheet
  • Deleting rows and columns in a worksheet
  • Modifying column widths and row heights
  • Entering data in cells
  • Making changes to the contents of cells
  • Duplicate, move, delete
  • Shifting cells
  • Speeding up data entry
  • Search and replace
  • Sorting data
  • Activity
  • Summary

Working with Formulas and Functions

  • Arithmetic formulas
  • Error values when using formulas
  • Cell referencing
  • Working with functions
  • Using the logical function IF
  • Activity
  • Summary

Formatting cells

  • Formatting cells containing numeric data
  • Changing the appearance of cell contents
  • Miscellaneous formatting techniques
  • Activity
  • Summary

Creating charts and graphs

  • About charts and graphs
  • Customising chart type for selected data
  • Making changes to an existing chart or graph
  • Moving, duplicating, resizing, deleting
  • Activity
  • Summary

Preparing the spreadsheet for distribution

  • Are all data accurate?
  • Setting up the worksheet
  • Making other adjustments to the worksheet
  • Preparing to print
  • Printing
  • Activity
  • Summary


  1. These course materials are a derivate work of the Open ICDL
  2. Adapted from a previous WE initiative to create a Calc tutorial