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Hi Lorraine, I am a Queenslander and it was disappointing to hear that so many essential collaboration tools are blocked by MEd. I am really enjoying using the Google Apps for my own professional learning and for professional learning with our staff. I hope to change our school email addresses to Gmail addresses soon so that students can collaborate more with eachother and teachers through Google Apps. LMS don't seem to reach the level of the Google Apps yet. Maybe they will by the time I return to Queensland in a few years. Brad

Brad Williamson (talk)22:07, 14 June 2010

Hi Brad, yes it is very frustrating. I have to organise to 'work from home' periodically so that I can visit blocked sites on my home computer in order to do my job! I work in a distance education setting and we have been fighting for over a year now to get Skype so that we can contact our overseas students. No luck.

Llaws7 (talk)09:43, 17 June 2010