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>>Would it make sense to rename this section "Considerations" and separate general issues, which apply to all on-line >>learning resources one might obtain (open or not) from OER-specific issues?

I think "considerations" would work, and I've changed the title and template links to reflect that. You raise a good point about distinguishing between disadvantages specific to OER. I will have to make some edits tomorrow.

>>I would also remove "(called "localization" in the OER community)"

Statement deleted.

>>If free/gratis also means you are not free to adapt and disseminate on other media and charge a fee for those >>services, this becomes a disadvantage (or at least, the advantage may be limited in some cases - the NC cases).

I was hanging a lot of emphasis on the word "can." I understand your point about freedom, but I don't know that we can introduce that point to the reader in this section of the handbook without confusing them. I added the clause "in some situations" for better emphasis.

>>If you want to include "closed" material in your OER, obtaining copyright clearance from the owner can be difficult and expensive.

That's true, but speaking from experience the difficulty seems more acute when you are using a combination of mixed and open (because you usually have a budget behind an entirely closed venture).

>>Alternatives to "Advantages and Disadvantages": "Considerations": "Before you Leap ...", "What are you getting >>into?", "Implications", "What it means to Go-OER" ... and some of the bullet points could be phrased as >>recommended Do's and Don'ts:

There's definitely merit in this suggestion. As I see it, the question is what are we trying to do with this section. If we're operating under the assumption that those reading are fully planning on an OER project, then I think the "Do/Don't" list is the way to go. Otherwise, I think an objective (as possible) look at when to adopt OER is important.

Sgurell (talk)17:14, 6 June 2008
Ktucker (talk)03:15, 11 June 2008

I made some slight modifications to the Straw dog and incorporated into the page. It's lost a little symmetry in terms of the placement of the illustrations, so I'm up for suggestions from either you or Wayne regarding the layout of that page.

Sgurell (talk)05:04, 11 June 2008