Self-generated Inspiration.

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Dear Friend, The Ayur-Veda speaks of self-generated alchohol in some of the medicinal preparations. So is in the case of tireless enthusiasm. It generates inspiration and your messages do act as sweetening agents. That this talk is from the laptop I got with UGC grant for Minor Rsearch Project and that this laptop has mobile dial-up for 24x7 is a matter of great joy for me. Now I am equipped to go wikifying the teachers around here and elsewhwere, wherever I go. Once I had posted that I will carry WikiEducator on my lap. Now it will soon be on the TOP.

Warm regards.

Director (talk)12:31, 15 July 2009

Dear Director,

This is wonderful news and I will be looking forward to see how your efforts will grow. Do write if you need any help, you know from experience how wonderful our community is and how generous in extending a hand to help. Warm wishes, Patricia

Pschlicht (talk)08:00, 3 September 2009