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Before going there we'd want to sort out SSL access to WikiEducator (which would be required by many/most OpenID consumers).

But I think we are talking about implementation, when I still don't understand the goal. Couldn't you just change microblog to microblog or blog and have users give you their preferred feed URL?

  • you could still amalgamate everything with a given tag
  • you would pick up users with blogs but not microblogs
  • everyone would be free to log in where they wished

(Personally, I'd prefer a mailing list... but it is probably my age.)

JimTittsler (talk)18:21, 30 December 2010

I like mailing lists too ;-)

Perhaps there is a way of combining a number of technologies to achieve the goals. Specifically -- I'm keen to find a solution which:

  • facilitates immediate student-student interactions, i.e. sharing thoughts and ideas as they progress through the materials. Something less onerous than drafting a blog post.
  • scales well -- think of 500 plus participants per course
  • is easy to aggregate a live feed of the tags
  • does not require a significant learning curve for newbies
  • does not require significant administration as set up on our end.

I was thinking of asking participants to create an account on and giving instructions to subscribe to a group set up for this initiative. Twitter users can link their accounts to their posts. We can also harvest the feeds from individual blogs users already use.

Let's have a chat and explore options -- still thinking ....


Mackiwg (talk)21:06, 30 December 2010