Quick tip regarding the numbering of lessons

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Hi Wayne, Are you refering to the pages in the following link? http://wikieducator.org/Topic_1:_Indices_and_Logarithms.

These are not mine. I left a message on one page asking the author to contact me. I can help editing the content in these pages.



Hi Godfrey -

Wow your Navigation template is looking pretty smart -- you're a fast learning.

A quick tip from my own experiences in WikiEducator -- its best not to number lessons or tutorials. I made this mistake with the Newbie tutorials. It limits reuse and reconfiguration for different contexts. If you insert a lesson at a later stage -- it means you've got to renumber everything again. Sometimes you may want to use one lesson in another subject area -- and the lesson may be out of sequence.

So best not to use numbers in the lesson names or page titles. This could save you hours later down the track <smile>.

Cheers Wayne

Mackiwg (talk)09:11, 3 June 2008