Pulling It All Together With Karen, Mark and Tracy

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We are at the beginning stages of planning an opportunity for FO2010 participants to reflect on the course, harvest what has shifted and ponder what you will do next.  We're hoping to hold the event in multiple - at least two platforms in a participatory, inclusive manner.  One of these platforms will be new. 

Our question at the moment is:  What would entice you - FO2010 participant, presenter or follower to attend our event?

Khumber (talk)06:14, 13 October 2010

Hello chaps. I am not going to be able to attend at the time you have put here. If you are wanting certificates of attendance, it may be better if I can come. Is there another time you can manage?

SarahStewart (talk)09:27, 16 October 2010

Much better time. Thanks for that. Look forward to attending.

SarahStewart (talk)10:24, 18 October 2010

Perfect Sarah! Glad you are onboard. Do you have any burning quesions about this course?

Khumber (talk)10:15, 19 October 2010

I think it is really important to support each other so I will try to attend as many mini conferences as possible. For me the biggest factor is the timing. I have 4 kids and so school drop off times rule me out completely (8-9am & 2.30 - 3.30pm Brisbane time) I am aware that everyone has timing issues so I will do my best. I struggled with the whole time thing myself - I wanted to do the conference when I had  no kids around, fitting in work etc - Cheers Jillian

J C064 (talk)19:43, 26 October 2010

Your event sounds like a really good opportunity to reflect and plan ahead. I have put the 9am time slot into my calendar & am looking forward to it. I am keen to know what the new platform will be.

Kimmymc (talk)18:01, 27 October 2010