Pulling It All Together With Karen, Mark and Tracy

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You are warmly invited to our

Wrapping it Up: Reflecting on FO2010  Pulling it all together Mini Conference[edit]

with Tracy Pemberton, Karen Humber and Mark Spain

November 12 at 11:00am NZ for 90mins

To connect with each other one last time before the end of FO2010, share our joys and challenges and plans for the future.


  • Provide a safe and trusting online space for small and large group facilitated deep listening and story telling via Skype
    * Record key insights and emerging priorities from small groups to share with large group using the online collaboration tool iMEET!
    * To personally and collectively explore the following three themes:

        1. What was exciting for you about participating in FO2010? What got your creative juices flowing?
        2. What intrigued and surprised you? What things were you not prepared for? What unexpected openings emerged for you?

After we have reflected on these two questions we will invite each of us to then listen to what is arising:

        3. What next steps are emerging for you to take next in your journey as an online facilitator?

  • Debrief the 90min gathering and collect the feedback from all participants on what worked well and specifically identifying good practices for online facilitators
    * Provide each participant with a rich mutually agreed record of the gathering

How to register and participate:
Go to the FO2010 wiki mini-conference site at http://wikieducator.org/Facilitating_Online/Mini_Conference#Pulling_It_All_Together_With_Karen.2C_Mark_and_Tracy
and add your name, email, skype and blog address to the participants list.
Tracy, Karen and Mark will skype your address to start the conference.
You will also receive the logon details to iMEET! once you have registered. You only need a web browser to use iMEET!
Please register at the latest by one day prior to the mini-conference.

How to prepare:
Be ready to listen deeply to others stories and share your own. Be ready to have some fun building community with other new and more experienced online facilitators. Participate in Kim Mc's Thinking Out Loud on Voicethread mini conference.

Welcome email:
Once you have registered, Tracy, Karen and Mark will send you an email with instructions on how to logon to iMEET! You are then free to practice on the site and explore each agenda item and the collaboration tools. The agenda is setup in the collaboration space.
You will also be invited to have a personal demonstration of iMEET! with skype support if you would like to prepare more thoroughly for the meeting. There will be a demonstration of iMEET! in the first session of the mini-conference but you do need to have logged on prior to the meeting. The facilitators will be unable to help you once the mini-conference starts.

If you have any questions please contact Tracy, Karen or Mark.
We look forward to meeting with you.

Tracy, Karen and Mark

Tracy Pemberton (talk)13:29, 12 October 2010

We are at the beginning stages of planning an opportunity for FO2010 participants to reflect on the course, harvest what has shifted and ponder what you will do next.  We're hoping to hold the event in multiple - at least two platforms in a participatory, inclusive manner.  One of these platforms will be new. 

Our question at the moment is:  What would entice you - FO2010 participant, presenter or follower to attend our event?

Khumber (talk)06:14, 13 October 2010

Hello chaps. I am not going to be able to attend at the time you have put here. If you are wanting certificates of attendance, it may be better if I can come. Is there another time you can manage?

SarahStewart (talk)09:27, 16 October 2010

Much better time. Thanks for that. Look forward to attending.

SarahStewart (talk)10:24, 18 October 2010

Perfect Sarah! Glad you are onboard. Do you have any burning quesions about this course?

Khumber (talk)10:15, 19 October 2010

I think it is really important to support each other so I will try to attend as many mini conferences as possible. For me the biggest factor is the timing. I have 4 kids and so school drop off times rule me out completely (8-9am & 2.30 - 3.30pm Brisbane time) I am aware that everyone has timing issues so I will do my best. I struggled with the whole time thing myself - I wanted to do the conference when I had  no kids around, fitting in work etc - Cheers Jillian

J C064 (talk)19:43, 26 October 2010

Your event sounds like a really good opportunity to reflect and plan ahead. I have put the 9am time slot into my calendar & am looking forward to it. I am keen to know what the new platform will be.

Kimmymc (talk)18:01, 27 October 2010

Looking forward to this. Have just tidied up a couple of small details on the main wiki page. cheers Sarah

SarahStewart (talk)09:00, 31 October 2010