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Hello Everyone,

I would like to congratulate each of you to start the Indian chapter of WE, this can be milestone in the history of Indian education system. As I am reading the complete thread here, I really like the ideas proposed by Patricia, I am also playing with the same ideas from last few years, but never able to give them a shape due to lack of time as well as due to absence of a platform like WE in India.

In a country like India, where we have approx 32 different education boards and thousands of schools connected to them resulting millions of students with different backgrounds, languages, social structure. In my last few years of professional career, I have come across with thousands of IT professionals in India coming from different backgrounds and with different skills, but sadly most of the students, who just passed out from schools are not well equipped with the basic knowledge of IT.

I consider myself fortunate enough that I got access of computers when I am only 14 and will always be thankful to my teacher, who taught me things which never implemented in course at our times.One of the basic problems with current system, that each of our board has a different course content for the IT in schools connected to them and most of the time, this course contents mainly based on proprietary systems. I have also noticed that most of the time, the course content is based on the books available in the market by the different publishers rather than books should be based on the course content.

In my opinion, we should start a project in Indian chapter to completely overhaul the IT education at school levels and we should also develop and publish the content in WE Indian chapter, I know this is a mammoth task, but believe me, it’s something which can be done easily also if we utilize our resources at national and international level. Here are some of the the first thoughts:

Project Name: IT Education IN India

Summary: This project will design and develop the course and its contents for IT education in Indian schools. This project will contains different modules to create different types talent pool In IT and also help children to adopt IT applications in their daily life from their childhood.

Target Audience: Students from Class VIth to Class XIIth

Age Group: 10-16 Years of Age

Phase 1: Designing and developing the content for Class VIth Students *Module 1: Designing the course curriculum

  • Module 2: Development of course content based on the course curriculum (English and Hindi language)

**Text based content **Video Simulations (Demo mode and practice mode) with or without audio commentary

  • Module 3: Publishing the content on WE
  • Module 3: Translation of the course content into regional languages

**Translation of Text based content **Translation of Video Simulations (Demo mode and practice mode) with or without audio commentary

From my experience in both IT and publishing industry, i am always full of ideas for such projects, will share more next time, I would also like to discuss and explain the real problems and situations in any of the next WE workshop.

Hope this is helpful.

Warm regards,

Charul Shukla Charul Shukla

Charul.shukla (talk)07:11, 24 November 2008

Dear Charul,

First of all warm greetings!

Yours is really a fantastic project. Please start a new project page using the syntax [[/Project Name/]] from the page

So than we can refer to the project page url in the WE community discussions.

Warm regards Anil

Anil Prasad (talk)16:30, 24 November 2008