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There's been a lot more work so far than just moving the content to the wiki. There were two versions (HTML/PDF in Saylor) and a set Word files with the two out of sync and needing work, and that work will still have to carry on for the rest of the course as I move it over. By reconciled I mean changes in HTML that are not in the Word files, as well working around two units that were removed from the original program. All this has slowed the work down, along with copying and pasting content into Open Office, formatting it and cleaning out stray bids of markup. Also there's redoing the learning activities as I go along because the ones they have in Saylor are structured around sending work to an instructor and with complex and detailed marking scheme that won't work for our context. Further, there has been a need to redo images that are all rights reserved as I want the course to be entirely free of anything that has all rights reserved. I don't know how much of this I'll continue to encounter but it may slow the process down somewhat. To some extent it may still be better to continue to put each module fully into a landing page, give it a high level cleanup so we can see what we have, then break it up into pages as we've done for Mods 1-2, and then when all that's done to (a) look at the whole course in its entirety and see how the content flows and in particular see how the activities and assessments balance out at a course-wide level and rejig them as necessary, and (b) arrange for peer review by academic experts in the field. Then it all needs to be linked up to the course manual and delivery tools. I'm adding this information for future reference.

Idevries (talk)17:30, 13 July 2012

Hi Irwin,

Good idea to add this info for reference. I think we should represent this work directly on the planning page, easier to just come upon, rather than looking into the discussion threads.

I'll take a first stab at adding what you've written as tasks on the planning page. Feel free to adjust in whatever ways make sense.

Also, I see you have added content for module 3. Very substantial. If you want to move to going straight to the sub-paged version for future modules, feel free to do so. It's OK with me either way.


ASnieckus (talk)14:46, 17 July 2012