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I am myself a pretty frequent user of Wikipedia. Especially when I encounter things or phenomena I do not know enough about, Wikipedia is often the first source to have a look at.

I have been impressed by the magnitude and also the well sorted discipline that prevails in Wikipedia. Even though I understand that the number of contributors is huge the easiness of searching still remains a prevailing feature.

Having used Wikipedia already for quite a while I also noticed that there is not much information about Statistics. Statistics is a field in which I am working and it is also a field used by quite a large number of people, whishing to make evidence-based decisions or just wanting to know how some phenomena relates to the same phenomena over time, in different countries or regions.

After having a look on the impressive Wikipedia site on Economics I decided that something has to be made on improving the presence of Statistics on the Wikipedia. So - that's the main reason why I decided to participate in the course as a suggestion on that happened to reach me pretty simultaneously.


Joukko (talk)01:39, 5 March 2008