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This will depend on Wiley.

Sgurell (talk)19:12, 8 June 2008

At this stage, there will not be a learning design chapter (too broad). But I still think that "Creating a Curriculum" would precede "Adapt" and possibly even "Compose".

Social Bookmarking also seems misplaced to me. On the one hand it could be part of "Compose" but it also suggests another section/chapter which is represented in the LifeCycle (images recently updated): "Collaborate". Here we could talk about social software and Web 2.0. (i.e. move some of the existing references to these things into a "Collaborate" chapter and flesh it out.

Ktucker (talk)10:48, 17 June 2008

I understand why you think it should go earlier, but I would prefer to keep it in either Adapt or Compose. As I stated on a separate talk page (I don't remember where off hand) this question is largely a matter of how we distinguish between adapting and composing OER (citing the mobile access section as an example). I've placed an issue in the tracker (1.12), and I would like to continue this conversation because my mind isn't made up and I think it would help to discuss it.

As for the social bookmarking, I put it in as simply a primitive means of creating a course, and less about the collaborative efforts. It has felt out of place for me as well. I'm intrigued by the idea of a collaborate chapter, but hesitate because of time. I think the best place for it would be Share OER. If there's absolutely no congruent place to put, I would rather jettison it from the handbook entirely.

Sgurell (talk)03:19, 18 June 2008

For now, assuming limited flexibility, I agree:

  • Compose for "Creating a Curriculum"
  • Share for "Social Bookmarking"

However, perhaps for the next edition:

In the new diagram, most of the content of this section would go nicely under "Evaluate". If time, we could extend it beyond evaluating the resource itself to evaluating its success in the classroom (i.e. after Using it).

I have a reservation about the opening sentence:

> As you begin localizing and remixing your OER, 
> you will want to have an idea of how to fit it 
> into the curriculum.

The title of the page is "Creating a Curriculum" - so it seems we are about to start thinking about where to fit the OER into something that does not exist yet. The content is mostly about assessing/evaluating an OER before using it in a Composition.

Re: "Creating a course for yourself" - much if not all of this could apply to most educators. It points to Collaboration.

During the course of going through and helping to compose this handbook, there are several clear activities (find, compose, modify, use, share) and several cross-cutting concerns:

  • licensing - find, compose, adapt, share
  • file formats - find, compose, adapt, share
  • accessibility - find, compose, adapt, share
  • mobile access - find, compose, adapt, share
  • collaboration - find, compose, adapt, share, use
  • evaluation - find, compose, use

So, my (tentative) suggestion is: rename this section "Evaluate" and expand it to include a similar "Reflection" on evaluating effectiveness when in use - or simply blend in this section :-).

Consider separate chapters or sections for each cross-cutting concern. We already have one for "Licensing". "Collaboration" is perhaps a given throughout and we may not need a separate section on it (??).

Finally, here are some thoughts on the overall structure.

Ktucker (talk)10:07, 18 June 2008

I've moved Social Bookmarking to Self-Publishing in Share OER. I've also moved Creating a Curriculum to Compose OER.

I don't we'll have time to create these cross-cutting chapters. The actual moving may be feasible, but refactoring the rest of the text to match would not. However, I do like the idea of multiple navigation templates that could tie them together. I think I will give them a try. Of course, this starts to impede on the visual layout (of the web page).

Sgurell (talk)04:20, 19 June 2008

Renamed the section to "Quality" and left it in "Compose" which seems right now (it refers to "Adapt" which happens during composition).

It also refers to the more recent diagram. We could include representations of both diagrams - one is student-oriented and the other is about oer-development in the large (though it could be applied to OER development in the small too). Both diagrams would need artistic enhancement.

(this issue is being thought about in another context)
Copied this idea into Future Edition Suggestions
Ktucker (talk)19:59, 27 June 2008

>>Renamed the section to "Quality" and left it in "Compose" which seems right now

I think the change is acceptable, because we cover integration into curriculum in Use OER.

>>We could include representations of both diagrams - one is student-oriented and the other is about oer-development in the large

As mentioned on another Talk page, we have to keep the OER life cycle diagram consistent across the handbook.

>>Copied this idea into Future Edition Suggestions

Thank you.

Sgurell (talk)06:25, 28 June 2008