Policy or Guidelines?

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> Open question -- would this be a Policy or set of Guidelines? - User:Mackiwg

We could have both. Guidelines would certainly be useful. So, the question becomes "Just Guidelines or Policy too?"

Policy too:[edit]


  • Signals that WE encourages users to exercise their freedom to translate and localise resources and develop WikiEducator in their own language(s).
  • Easier to achieve consistency with multiple language pages and sites which enhances general usability.
  • WikiEducator administrators can be more forward in offering help to maintain such consistency.


  • Extra effort: to formulate policy, set up and maintain multiple language instances of WikiEducator, and to ensure that users are following the policy.
    • Although (possibly a pro?): the policy might end up being really simple and minimal:
      1. If the learners' language is "ln", then place the resource on ln.wikieducator.org
      2. If the learning resource needs to be multilingual, then use template {{Languages|PageName}} (or equivalent on the various language instances of WikiEducator)
      3. Categorise pages with categories defined in the language instance of WikiEducator. This does not preclude defining a category which uses a foreign language word (e.g. French language course on German wikipedia might define a Category: français).
  • A "Policy" might seem restrictive to some users.

Guidelines only:[edit]


  • These would undoubtedly be useful.


  • Not as strong a statement as backing them up with a policy
    • without a policy we may end up with a mess (e.g. proliferation of foreign language pages on a particular language instance of WikiEducator).
Ktucker (talk)23:00, 21 October 2009

Let's have a policy. I think it's important to send a strong message that we support the ability of educators to participate in their own language. I remember when I was at the iSummit in 2007, this came up from non-native speakers over and over again.

SteveFoerster (talk)02:32, 22 October 2009

I think I'm with Steve in that if the idea is about encouraging localisation and instructing members on how to use it, it should be a policy that includes things like how to get one, and what sort of resources should be localised (for instance, a French teacher starts a resource in English, but wants some documents in French. Maybe the French documents should be in the French localisation?).

Jesse Groppi (talk)05:15, 24 October 2009