Minimally Invasive Education

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I'm very interested in your ideas here. Minimally invasive education does a great job of communicating the intent, but I agree, the negative phrasing is not ideal. I know you have been working with the idea of open education as the basis for a school and this is generally the accepted meaning. Have you considered expanding the idea of open education to apply to the people (children and others) in the school. To me open education for individuals implies: freedom, along with responsibility, rather than coercion; an environment that values all learning (as compared to education models with imposed standards/curricula); and a deep respect for the individual learner and their needs.

Just a thought.


ASnieckus (talk)06:38, 7 December 2010

Thanks Alison - as you can see we are exploring ideas based around concepts that are of interest to us - I had a look at your user page and really liked your statement about Education. This fits with what we also believe the moment we are in a slight limbo with names and direction as there are so many facets to our learning journey that we see needing to be tied togther. Exploring the concept of freedom from within a state school is fraught with barbs! I also homeschooled and ran a homeschool group called CRE8 using ideas from Gatto, Llewellyn and Kohn - but ended up back in the system as i felt these ideas needed to brought in from the periphery. If you have stuff you can add we are keen to get others involved. Nathan

Rekrapenator (talk)11:41, 7 December 2010