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Well for this feature to be included in our Project and make it a success we need full participation of all the stakeholders in the agricultural and government being the biggest shareholder we need to consult with the responsible government institutions.About the community radio, and it can be used communicate to students,students trek long distances to come to Kabanyoro.I was thinking that instead of traversing journeys to Kabanyoro we can reach them and their teachers through this community Radio.It will act as a learning resource that will benefit all those that cannot even afford the costs of visiting Kabanyoro.Here is something little about Community and how it works. Community radio is a type of radio service that caters to the interests of a certain area, broadcasting material that is popular to a local audience but is overlooked by more powerful broadcast groups. It is a non profit radio that broadcasts material in the interest of a target group though listenership can apply to bigger communities.

Dninsiima (talk)20:42, 31 July 2008