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An interesting discussion (see wiki and stack) is ensuing on this issue. Again it might lead to new licenses, use of an emblem to indicate "Libre Puro Certified" etc., but for now I offer a diagram which might help the thinking (feel free to improve it). This is a preliminary discussion to brainstorm how far and/or how pure we should be.

In essence, a network service is "libre" if:

  • the underlying data is libre (accessible in a free file format which by definition is editable via software libre),
    • private data would be accessible, editable and exportable (only) by the party concerned;
    • derived data, or information generated using libre data should be released under a libre license;
  • the information resources used by the service are libre and are generated with software libre,
  • the knowledge resources are libre and all components are generated with software libre, accessing only libre information and libre data.

Where human interaction is involved, it is via a service where users have agreed that their statements and contributions (via text, voice or other media) are libre.

This is all variations on remix, and existing licenses probably deal with most scenarios. Automatic attribution would save a lot of trouble as would automatic checking of license compatibility.

A libre puro service would be all of the above with "libre puro" replacing "libre".

But remember that the Libre Puro License does not require attribution, and that the "puro" idealists would prefer people to keep derived works and services "libre puro" (without stopping others from using and deriving works under CC-BY-SA for example).

What other issues need to be addressed?

Ktucker (talk)02:28, 25 July 2008

Libre network protocols could be added.

KTucker (talk)08:49, 10 June 2010

The "Libre Puro Emblem" (e.g. Libre Puro) would indicate that the above technical points apply and that the parties offering the service subscribe to the libre community values (as for the Libre Emblem Libre Knowledge).

KTucker (talk)09:22, 10 June 2010