July 20, 2009 Meeting

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Actually, I think you asked exactly the right question (from the main page): "what are we attempting to achieve?" Maybe the charter doesn't effectively specify *what* is to be created. As I said on the main page, it's a chicken and egg problem, but if you are not sure what the goal is, then maybe we need to be more clear. In my opinion, the charter should communicate a shared vision for process and outcomes.

Regards, --Alison Snieckus 19:00, 22 July 2009 (UTC)

ASnieckus (talk)07:00, 23 July 2009

Hey Alison,

I'm a short timer approaching vacation. I'll have to place some other priorities ahead of this at least until I return, so I was probably a little less patient than would be typical. I tend to be more goal than process oriented, so the early phase of the project is a poor match for my personality. Luckily Anil has a good handle on the process. I'll weigh in once more in a couple of weeks,


dmccabe 02:41, 23 July 2009 (UTC)

Dmccabe (talk)14:41, 23 July 2009

Dear Declan,

The group has benefited a lot out of the thought process you have triggered. While wishing you a great vacation, the group will await your invaluable contributions to our main task that will commence soon at http://www.wikieducator.org/WikiEducator:Administrators.

Warm regards
Anil Prasad 08:29, 23 July 2009 (UTC)

Anil Prasad (talk)20:29, 23 July 2009

Thanks Anil,

Thanks particularlly for your leadership in getting this rolling successfully. I'll get back into this on returning.



Dmccabe (talk)15:12, 24 July 2009