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To my knowledge we can't embed java applets using the edit tools we have in WE. Installing Java applets require acces to source code of the WE platform. This is reserved to sysops I guess. We can post this topic in Google Groups, so they can update the info I have.

Otherwise, we have the chance to upload .swf files wich work fine, because the can also be interactive. I'm actually trying to develop some animations, but it takes some time. Our challenge is to find sources for swf's meeting WE licences.

Please check for the list of swf files already uploaded to WE:

  • Special pages - MIME search - then type: application/x-shockwave-flash

A list of swf files uploaded to WE will be displayed. PPT and ODP slideshows can be converted to swf. Video can be imported to Flash CS3 then saved as swf.

I create swf animations using Flash CS3. They can then be converted to avi, mpeg and flv video formats ready to be uploaded to Kaltura (Collaborative Video). I made a test of Kaltura here User:Chela5808/Audio_and_Video. It's really easy to upload videos, preferable in flv format (saves time).

I have collected some animations in User:Chela5808/Flash

One important item in my personal ToDo list is create animations, and videos (kaltura) for the Math Gloss and other projects.

Cheers Gladys

Chela5808 (talk)03:29, 21 February 2009

Thanks. I will post to the google group to see what people say about progress toward integration of java applets into WE.

Thanks for the search tip. I had just read about MIME yesterday, so your tip is perfectly timed to my learning needs.

I visit your testing laboratory often. I love the magnifier -- very cool.

I'm on the bottom of the learning curve with the multimedia applications. The curve seems pretty steep, but upside is that I should be able to make good progress with small efforts.


ASnieckus (talk)05:51, 21 February 2009

Yes Alison,

Step by step... work at your pace but don't stop. There are more search strategies. Try also this one: Special:ImageList.

I've just uploaded a swf file. Its a test, see User:Chela5808/Flash. Didn't like the quality. I'll fix it and translate to english.

I also have added a test for FLV files, and the RSS I added in my User Page). Please see again User:Chela5808/Audio and Video

We have nice tools for developing and publishing media in WE. Hope after WE moves to new server, the tech team make some upgrading for embeding features.

Cheers Gladys

Chela5808 (talk)07:09, 21 February 2009