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Hello, my name is Adriana Medina Franco, I've been an English teacher at the UAA for 10 years and I'm interested in cooperative learning. Today is my first day working with wikies and I feel lost in the space, I urgently need a more simple explanation of what this is and what it is for (I know I can read all the tutorials but this way does not match my expectations and needs).  I think wikies can be useful but once they're meaningful and relevant for you; a question comes to mind does anyone use wikies in his classes?,  how does he use them?, and how does he use them for?

Adris (talk)08:19, 11 August 2010

All excellent questions Adriana. We all started feeling the same, "lost in space", but hang in there and keep asking questions. If you are interested, I'd be more than happy to explain how I am using Wikieductor this semester in my academic writing and qualitative research I courses. I bet if you post a question to the Wikieducator Group you'd receive additional examples as well.

Bnleez (talk)14:32, 11 August 2010

Can I take a look at your academic writing and qualitative research materials, Ben? Would you please e-mail me the links?

Adris (talk)07:17, 12 August 2010

Here are my two classes I'm working on this semester:

Bnleez (talk)07:42, 12 August 2010

Hi Adriana!

I think that an activity using wikis in our classroom is creating a story. In this way all the students can work together in writing and they can see what's been edited; they can correct grammar and vocabulary mistakes, etc. Hope this will be useful for you!

Gisela suarez (talk)06:35, 13 August 2010