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Hi Tim, Bronwyn and others,

This is also my fifth paper in the Certificate but I'm now sitting at a computer in Bristol in the UK instead of lovely Pukekohe, south of Auckland. Having returned to Bristol in December (just as the weather was getting nice in NZ!) I'm currently doing supply teaching (relief) with 16-18 year olds studying A levels (equivalent to NCEA Level 2/3) while I search for a new job - hopefully something with an elearning component.

I've always enjoyed using technology as a means of supporting teaching/learning and this course has helped to develop a more thoughtful approach to it. I was taught early in my teacher training to reflect on teaching/learning experiences so that mistakes could be rectified, strengths identified and focussed on. I see this part of the course as a means to being a reflective elearning practitioner. Life long learning in practice!

I live with my husband, Paddy. We're currently in the process of selling a house and buying a new one. After our time living in NZ it feels a bit like setting up from scratch which is a bit odd but it's nice to be closer to friends and family. Missing our kiwi friends but keeping in touch through email.

Until we get settled in our new home I'm using my mum-in-law's computer - so expect some dodgy moments as it's a bit old/slow. Also, I may struggle with synchronous meetings due to the time difference - but will try where possible to be there.

Thought I'd copy Tim and include a link - it's a YouTube funny - Funny Cat Cartoon

This is my blog link.



Moor267 (talk)01:51, 26 February 2008

Hi Tim, Yvonne, Bronwyn and everyone else on the course,

This is my first paper on the certificate (was meant to start last July but it's a long story...). Have just arrived at work with a very strong coffee, first of the day. I sit in front of a computer all day long so technology doesn't faze me but does sometimes flummox me! I did my first blog yesterday for this course [1]but am pretty sure it's not just supposed to sit there in isolation... any hints welcome.

I work in Christchurch, near the city centre but live in South Brighton right on the beach. I'm originally from the NE of Scotland and have lived in NZ for nearly 7 years - and love it.

Anyway, just wanted to say hello and that I look forward to "meeting" you all very soon.

All the best


Lesley (talk)08:17, 26 February 2008

Hello Lesley I have really enjoyed reading your blog - great work getting it up so quickly - hopefully you have got your settings so you get an alert when comments are left. We have a Brighton here in Dunedin also by a beach and what a wonderful summer we are having. The last trip to a beach I took the dogs on ended in hilarity after they drank too much sea water chasing a ball. Luckily the accidents happened before we got in the car but not so good for the observers on the beach.

You are right- the idea of the blogs is that they will become another medium for communication - and not sit in isolation. The primary communication mode I am hoping as people start reading them and leaving comments.

All the participant blogs are going to be linked on the course blog so people have ready access and if I can figure it out I will add an RSS feed so whenever people make a new post it will feed into the course blog and alert us. You can of course set up your own RSS feed to blogs on bloglines ( if you want.

Good to have a geographic mix - Papakura, Auckland; Christchurch and Bristol, UK - not that it makes any difference. But we already have a global element to our class interactions.

I was interested to read about some of your thoughts about evaluation on your blog. Bronwyn

Bronwynh (talk)10:24, 26 February 2008

Hello Yvonne great to meet you again. It looks like you and Tim will be graduating together. Yes the weather here has been hot this summer and dry down south - you would have loved cycling in it. ah the time difference - I will have to bear that in mind next time - I can't see 4pm (3am UK) suiting you and the 1215 (1115pm UK) one might be stretching it too. I am impressed at your perseverance in studying the course using a borrowed computer.

I just love the cat cartoon - reminds me so much of my youngest kitty, adopted from our daughter who moved flats and wasn't allowed pets - she brought her up to expect masses of cuddling. My solution - cuddles before lights out and then she gets to sleep in her own bed or go on night time adventures. Otherwise my husband and I would end up with claws hanging off us - she loves to play.

We might have to be creative finding an evaluation project if you are between jobs - perhaps an investigation of the need for innovative eLearning approaches in schools at A level - this would require a look at what is currently happening and the issues? Great to see your blog is restarted. Bronwyn

Bronwynh (talk)10:12, 26 February 2008

Hi Yvonne

It's nice to hear from you again especially as I feel that I must have been the last person to know that you had returned to the U.K.! Just call me "didn't you know? Hilary". I have sent you an email.

Bye for now


Hilarym (talk)12:18, 27 February 2008