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Hello Yvonne great to meet you again. It looks like you and Tim will be graduating together. Yes the weather here has been hot this summer and dry down south - you would have loved cycling in it. ah the time difference - I will have to bear that in mind next time - I can't see 4pm (3am UK) suiting you and the 1215 (1115pm UK) one might be stretching it too. I am impressed at your perseverance in studying the course using a borrowed computer.

I just love the cat cartoon - reminds me so much of my youngest kitty, adopted from our daughter who moved flats and wasn't allowed pets - she brought her up to expect masses of cuddling. My solution - cuddles before lights out and then she gets to sleep in her own bed or go on night time adventures. Otherwise my husband and I would end up with claws hanging off us - she loves to play.

We might have to be creative finding an evaluation project if you are between jobs - perhaps an investigation of the need for innovative eLearning approaches in schools at A level - this would require a look at what is currently happening and the issues? Great to see your blog is restarted. Bronwyn

Bronwynh (talk)10:12, 26 February 2008