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Hi Brent --

At first glance (JACS) seems like a more workable structure than NCES. I'd like us to try and get opinions from librarians or users of these systems for further input. I'll try and locate a few of my contacts -- if you could do the same on your end this will be great.

Does IEEE LOM have any specifications on subject classifications? Would be good to check on this as this is an official standard.

Any thoughts on what we might use for K12? Would you be able to get in touch with Paul from Christs College for his views?

JACS and NCES seem are Tertiary Ed classifications and may not be ideal for the Secondary sector.

Whatever classification system we decide on --- I'd suggest an alphabetical listing of content or subjects under each section.

Randy's query relates to a mechanism whereby we can try to create a graphic way to communicate the areas where WikiEducator needs content and to communicate progress with our content contributions.

mmmm --- not easy. Perhaps a tally of the number of learning hours of materials for each sector might work. Not sure how we can automate this though. Something to think about.

PS the Nav templates are coming on rather nicely. What about a test implementing this with the Free Content Tutorial? This would give us a good idea of how this might work with real content.

Mackiwg (talk)12:42, 29 December 2007

Wayne: From what I can tell IEEE LOM just specifies that the subject can either be keyword based, or use a term selected from a specific vocabulary but it doesn't designate what this vocabulary should be so that the institution applying the metadata can select a geographic or culturally specific vocabulary to use.

BrentSimpson (talk)09:38, 31 December 2007