Information provision to learners

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Learners who have a good library services in their school libraries are those that perform very well at the end of the year. Good libraries contribute to good results. Learners have to be trained on how to use the libraries because even if they have good libraries, they are of no use if the student dont have the basic knowledge of how to use them and the benefits acquired.

All first year students should be encouraged to attend the library orientation course so they get a feel of the library products and services.

Fully agree with this, and the government has started establishing libraries at schools to close this gap. Recent example was when the government adopted Tshinange High School in Masakona village, Makhado municipality in Limpopo province. The school was given a beautiful library and definitely this will improve matric results and communities will also benefit.

Nkhangwenimahwa (talk)20:07, 19 April 2011

i like the fact that you are also learning french in this workshop.

Amatodzi (talk)20:14, 19 April 2011