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India Books supporting India’s GDP

India is increasingly becoming the most powerful economy of the world.

Have you ever wondered the reason for the India’s success in this field? I think the reason why India is growing is because it has a very rich literature and history. Indian authors and books are very famous and have been used as a reference guide by many scholars across the world. Indian literature is very rich and one cannot call himself a scholar in any topic unless he has knowledge of the Indian literature.

Increasingly professors in various US and UK universities are referring to Indian books for various subjects. The books can now easily be bought online by standard ebay or Amazon. Many a times some of the good books may not be available on these websites. In such a case you need to refer to so called ‘desi’ / Indian websites who will be able to provide you the service. But be aware please buy books from trusted sources who are able to deliver these books reliably to you.

One such aggregation of sites is . I would personally recommend the website They have been in the business for over 40+ years now and the service which they offer is exceptional. They offer books on all subjects related to academia, research & scholarly books & publications originating from South Asian countries. The subjects range from archaeology to zoology, light-reading material to serious & scholarly works. Happy reading!!