ICTs and Enterprise Sustainability

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My understanding of the role of ICT in Enterprise Sustainability

ICT plays a very important role in Enterprise sustainability. i agree with Chichi that ICT has a role communications between customers and business people.

I will give an personal example

I have been running my business part time and now I am planning to venture into it full time. But before when I was still working due to work commitments , I have always done my orders via internet and these orders are delivered right by my door.

I advertise my products and services to my clients , friends through skype, yahoo chart, google chart.

I have some of my orders which come as far as from China , UK, USA but I still do my business like any other person who travels to all these countries to order their stuff.

I can't say much about the example classes, I am really still learning about them and most of them I only learnt about them few days back when I was reading through the discussions.

Koziba (talk)05:15, 2 April 2011