ICTs and Enterprise Sustainability

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Hi all, I will be ok if you can call me Rodgers

Though late, still I have been going through the contributions from my fellow participants and the facilitator. am facinated with the topic as it sounds to me as if its new. the reasons for this is that it is really opening my eyes am also into ICTs but at some low levels. The role of ICTs in entreprise Sustainability is that ICTs have come to stay, as this have come to contribute on the efficience, and effectivenes of doing business in terms of easy and fast communication, for example; writing a letter and posting could take a lot of effort and time.

  • even communicating to international partners in order that they do business in your country was something you have to wait for months. but now for instance am able to do business with someone trying to support a school with school desks, and finds us through a website and contacts us and make payments without him from that country travelling to Zambia.
  • also we able to discuss the designs and make sample of the particular product and they also contribute to how the product should look like at the end of it all the desks are supplied to the school without any of the persons dealing in this business.
  • thanks to Email
  • Skype
  • for learning and teaching tools such as eXe
  • Wikis
  • Web Blogs
  • spreadsheets excel etc etc.
RABROD (talk)03:46, 19 March 2011