How to take off the construction notification

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Hi Joshua (hope that's how I should address you),

Great work on your user page!

To take the "web-page construction information" off of your user page, remove the code {{WIP}} from the very top of the edit page. {{WIP}} is a template (WIP means "work in progress"). If you have any questions about how templates work, please ask (reply to this response). I'm happy to explain or point you to some resources.

I came upon your page because I've been working on the WikiEducator country categories. I noticed that you created a category called India/Malaysia. So far our categories are all individual counties, so rather than combine two (even though this does more adequately describe your nationality and current residence), it would fit our scheme better for you to list each country separately: Category:India and Category:Malaysia. If you go to each of these categories, you will see the many resources and users associated with these countries. Again, let me know if you have questions.

Your Wikineighbor,


ASnieckus (talk)04:52, 1 February 2010