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Taratj (talk)07:29, 20 January 2011
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Yes this is all great - I wonder whether this could be the way that schools with teachers requiring more computers they can hassle to get free ones via ewaste/open source - this also needs to be written in a manner that is not seen as passing on junk. I would imagine in most schools there are classes wanting more computers imagine if these teachers could bypass their heirarchy and get them for free! I have 6 network ports so therefore I want 6 computers 2 new ones the school supplies the remainder are free from.....??? Happy to keep this buzzing along in the back ground..

Yup, that's the vision! It's just a matter of time really. I think it would be very possible to acheive this, but I want to work with kids and not in a warehouse redistributing computers... We need more people to play on this. More teachers, more tertiary educators (with power) more Open Source people ... I possibly need more patience. When I am Minister of Education I'll pass it as a law overnight

Make the law! I am embroiled with school painters who are creating lead dust mayhem, PD gangs, moving stuff out of our sold house and a wedding this weekend....back seat back seat - aarrhhg!

Rekrapenator (talk)09:58, 20 January 2011