Group 4: concerns using open authoring approach

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  • another concern is that open authoring may give opportunities for harmful or damaging information by other contributors before we have a chance to make appropriate changes
Aquinas01 (talk)09:59, 5 September 2008

yes.. for example someone might put rude remarks about me which i find not very funny a week later after other people already had a good laugh about

V.okesene (talk)10:03, 5 September 2008

If this medium is catered for professionals, any harmful attacks and unwelcomed changes is not tolerated. I suggest that policies should be placed somewhere out there in this website to avoid such childish acts.

Maaiolupotea (talk)10:10, 5 September 2008

exactly, that's why this open authoring may not be such a good idea although it is quite a valuable means of learning from other educators and experienced teachers and of course for students also

Aquinas01 (talk)10:10, 5 September 2008

Manipulation of information is more a concern with us than harmful entries.

Tiareimoana (talk)10:37, 5 September 2008

I guess it all comes down to ethics and morals. One way of tracking this if it happens is that, theres the username of the person causing such dangers and immediate action should be taken.

Tiareimoana (talk)10:33, 5 September 2008