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Hey there Godfrey, I have been following your progress during the last few days and I admire your user page and sandbox - you are deserving of your Wiki Apprentice Level 1. Well done! If you have a moment I would value your comments on my user page over at: Carole

CoachCarole (talk)01:52, 5 June 2008

Hi Carole, Thanks very much for your kind invitation to have a look at your User page. Oh! You have got a decoration on your user page! Congratulations! Wow! Your pages are pretty neat. Sandbox is very well organised. What a lot of links! I think I'll have to spend few hours exploring those differnt intersting pages. I am very keen about eLearning. Now I know that you are a very resourceful person. I will be troubling you constantly as soon as I finish this workshop. Hope you won't mind. I am very keen to learn about eLearning.

I'll be visiting your resourceful pages pages very often.

Looking forward to be in touch with you more often.


Godfrey Seychelles

Godfreysovis (talk)09:08, 5 June 2008

Hi Godfrey, I am always happy to listen to you. (that is my motto on Skype so if you would like to communicate via Skype, please my Skype name to your contacts; cmcculloch8337 Caroloe

CoachCarole (talk)01:40, 6 June 2008

Thanks Carole, I had a Skype account sometime back and gave up using skype since most of my friends were using Yahoo messenger. I had few contacts on Skype. I will reinstall Skype and start using it again. Sure! I'll add your contact there. I need to go back and have a good look at the Sites connected to your WE user page. There were a lot of interesting things. The problem I have now is that I'm unable to cope with the extra duties taken on my shoulder apart from my usual workload. very soon I'll settle down. Then I'll be coming back to you more often to get your assistance regarding elearning.

Wish you good luck! Keep in touch.


Godfreysovis (talk)07:11, 11 June 2008