Feedback thoughts and suggestions on the high-level logic model

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Last edit: 17:31, 11 March 2011

The logic model is now well explained and illustrated. Great work!!

Would like to suggest the following as well:

In the section Participating inistitutions : at the end of the sentence The project aims to recruit one institution from each of the major regions of the world the word initially may be added to indicate that it is not a closed-group.

Under the category OER university open collaboration, shall we need one more initiative as given below?

Management of volunteer services

• Upkeep of verified resgistry of volunteers
• Co-ordinate volunteer opportunities
• Co-ordinate volunteer services

Anil Prasad 04:52, 11 March 2011 (UTC)

Anil Prasad (talk)16:52, 11 March 2011

Hi Anil,

Appreciate the feedback. Well spotted -- participating institutions are not limited to the "anchor partners". I fixed this oversight. Thanks.

I agree, the management of volunteer services is a key activity for future success. We see volunteer services and the management thereof as strategic activities within two of the initiatives:

  • Open business models -- That is, volunteers helping to build and plan for the sustainability of the OERu -- I've modified the initiative to make this clear.
  • Open student support -- where volunteer help the OERu with tutoring support.

So already included in the logic model -- but now clearly specified.

Good feedback -- the logic model has now been refined with your astute observations :-)

Mackiwg (talk)17:29, 11 March 2011