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This a nice addition to WikiEducator teaching and learning tools.

Some thoughts...

  • title - How to use - just how to add the functionality, not the same as how to use Peer Evaluation in teaching and learning.
  • start with the example and a brief walk-through highlighting the items discussed in detail that follows
  • information is ok
  • code samples are good
  • generally - a little more explanation and/or wordsmithing might be helpful for someone new

rubric functionality

  • needs to include reference to http://wikieducator.org/Extension:PeerEvaluation/RubricFormat - which needs some work, but more helpful
  • very difficult to understand what this is, and what the instructor can / should do
  • suggestions - either hide all the code and just include the whole thing, tell user this is what you get
  • or provide more guidance about constructing the rubric code
Vtaylor (talk)01:39, 19 August 2014

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  • I'll try to add a brief walk-through, perhaps a screencast may be helpful.

rubric functionality

  • I am not sure whether hiding the code would be the write thing to do at this point of time.
  • Rubrics are currently vital to the working of the tool and needs to be specified for every activity.
  • A possible solution to this problem could be to provide some example rubrics which are generic enough for instructors/facilitators to use directly in common types of activities.
  • I am hoping that I can get a interactive rubric generator working soon, which will solve most problems.
Akash Agarwal (talk)09:12, 20 August 2014