Definitions for gender, sex and gender balance

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Hi Belinda,

Thank you for your message and to realise how knowledgable on issues of gender and in particular to the definitions on gender and sex. I totally agree with you that gender roles can be changed if people want because there are no biological or sex elements in them. For example, both a man and a woman can carry out household chores such as drawing water, collecting fuirewood, taking care of children, cooking, tending to farming activities etc whereas, sex/bilogical roles such as breastfeeding a baby, getting pregnant can not bechanged to bo done by men. Equally pregnanting a woman can only be done by a man who biologically is the one who produces sperms. kindly also look at the discussion that I sent to K. Tembo on the definitions. Good luck.--Simonda 10:28, 14 January 2011 (UTC)

Simonda (talk)22:28, 14 January 2011