Definitions for gender, sex and gender balance

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Dear K. Tembo, thnsk for your reply giving your own definition of gender, sex and gender balance. I also want to let you know that yourdefinitions are right and I am pleased to know that you have some information about the three gender terms under discussion.

However, I also want to make an addition on the definitions that you have given as follows:

Gender is Social differences between women and men that are:

  • Learned
  • Change over time within a society and between societies

Sex is Biological differences between women and men that are universal and Gender Equality includes the same human and workers’ rights, equal value and fair distribution of work load, responsibilities and opportunities, decision making and sharing of income without any discrimination of sex, age, religion, race. This has to be the same even in business --Simonda 10:17, 14 January 2011 (UTC)

Simonda (talk)22:17, 14 January 2011