Costs & Finances for Open Schools

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I would suggest that we incorporate the work I've done on the Overview, Glossary and Unit 1 (topmost link in the list) into the framework Patricia produced (second link in the list), and then remove one of the links. I'll hold off on this until I get some feedback from Patricia.

I'm also wondering what the best title for this resource is. Some options:

  • Costs & Financing of Open Schools
  • Cost & Financing in Open Schooling
  • Costs & Finances for Open Schools
  • Costs & Finances in Open & Distance Learning

The last of these might be the most accurate, since the principles outlined in the course are applicable to post-secondary institutions as well.

At some stage, we might also create some links with the existing materials on ODL in WikiEducator. I came across these in my wanderings but need to find out more.

Ed Du Vivier (talk)22:51, 20 November 2007