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Hello Valerie, I am so sorry for the delayed response to your emails. I had to embark on an unexpected travels to local areas with access to the internet for the past 5 days or so. I have made my response in between yours in blue color please.


On Tue, Mar 30, 2010 at 9:36 PM, Valerie Taylor <> wrote:

   Hi Raphael

  WikiEducator and the OER Foundation are working to identify curriculum
   projects that can be developed collaboratively. Some of the proposed
   projects are introductory college level courses but others would be
   considered. Are there courses or curriculum that you would like to have? 

We are exploring options for developing teacher training programs and curriculum on Human Rights Education and Peace Education. These are some of our core areas of need at the moment.

   These would be developed by educators with interest and expertise in the
   subject. You and your Nigerian teachers and curriculum developers
   would be welcome to participate in whatever capacity is appropriate
   for you. 

That will be so great!

   From the Voices of Teachers programs, it sounds like some stand-alone
   teacher training about individual teaching skills might be
   appropriate. These could be promoted and introduced in the radio
   broadcast, with online resources for teachers if they wish to
   follow-up and learn more about the topic. Is there any interest in
   something like that?  

Great and huge interest in this area too

   Would your audience of teachers have access to the internet for these supplemental materials? 

We are currently launching the "One Laptop per Teacher' campaign through the Cherrypal computers and this will make it easier for access to the internet by the teachers

   Another idea. One of the active participants in WikiEducator works
   with new teachers developing science lessons for K-6. Some of these
   might be adapted for use in Nigeria. As they were originally
   developed, they require materials that are easily available in the US,
   but it would be interesting to modify them to fit a more global
   audience by using other products and natural and found items. Is there
   a need for lessons like these? 

As you may have known, we work with various categories of teachers and this makes it almost impossible to see any idea that we do not have teachers who need them.

   Or if you have any other projects or ideas, there is lots of interest
   in collaborative development of OERs that can be used by a global
   community of teachers and learners. Please let us know! These are very much in the planning stage. The resources are
   available, so now is a good time to suggest projects that would
   benefit your teachers and students.  ..Valerie

Thanks so much Valerie for all the efforts.


-- Raphael Ogar Oko Africa Regional/Nigeria Country Coordinator Teachers Without Borders

Vtaylor (talk)12:21, 5 April 2010