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Hi, Many thanks for the detail on the categories. I think I've added them correctly.

I have a suggestion or perhaps a question regarding your Node template. I noticed that the Header is optional as are Right and left second on further boxes but the first right and left are mandatory. If you take a look at DE Hub Research Themes you will see that I have created, what looks like a series of headers after a mandatory right and left set of boxes using a html script. I did this as it suited the content more that repeating the Node template. Is there any reason that we can't have a template were all the elements are options so we can generate the boxes and text areas to suit the nature of the content? Cheers, Alan.

Alan Wylie (talk)17:34, 2 November 2009

Hi Alan,

Thanks for your work on the categorisation. Let me know if you find it to be beneficial in your work to have all of the project pages organised on the one category page.

Also, do you want to categorise DEHub in the broader distance education category? The way to do this is to add the code [[Category:Distance Education]] into your Distance Education Hub category page. (Note that I revised the categorisation of Australia as a subcategory of Distance Education Hub so that Distance Education Hub is a subcategory of Australia by reversing the tags -- hope that's what you intended.)

As for your suggestions re: Template:Node_page. I like your idea of a template where all of the elements are options (although I have to say that I have VERY limited abilities in building complex templates, so I can't speak to any possible coding issues). If you are interested to have a template like this, I think you should make one. Another option is to list your suggestion on the bottom of the [page] in the section "Thoughts for improving this template and supporting instructions".

Hope this helps.

ASnieckus (talk)05:23, 4 November 2009

Hi, One aagin many thanks for the help. I'll see what I can do in creating a template. I have to admit I haven't got my head around creating template but will be exploring this option soon. Cheers, Alan.

Alan Wylie (talk)14:08, 5 November 2009

Hi Alan,

Somehow the category allocation got messed up. I straightened it out to the following

Category:Distance Education includes Category:Distance Education Hub includes DEHub pages

Hope that's OK. <smile>

I also added some coding so the category page would sort by the subpagename and the templates would sort separately under τ. See what you think. I'm interested in your thoughts on this.


P.S. Your work on this project is really wonderful. I'm pretty new to distance backgound is educational measurement. The research themes include lots of very useful research links. I look forward to seeing the results of some of the 2010 research efforts. Thanks for sharing.

ASnieckus (talk)10:27, 20 November 2009