Case Sensetivity and Forced Margins in Idevices or Pedagogical Templates

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You have done a lot of testing on the templates. Thanks for your interest!

What browser are you using? I'm wondering if the results are broswer specific?

Here are some responses to your results section with the my tests done using FF 3.

  1. The template name is case sensitive except for the first letter as the wiki automatically capitalizes the first letter or any name. So something like Template:My First Template would be different from Template:My first template
  2. The top margins work on FF3, try something exaggerated like TopMargin=90px
  3. Interesting, a template after a heading does not seem to be causing a problem in FF3 any more. It could be a new version of the wiki or an update to the template code.


Kruhly (talk)08:26, 12 July 2009