Carbon Cycle

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Hi H, Can you check the epa sites for rights. I can't find it. I think the reading currently are above our target audience and would like to swap them for the epa ones. Makes the content more about global warming. I will rework the activity a bit more


Whaeatina (talk)09:32, 29 September 2009

Sorry Tina - now i'm confused ;-) which are the epa sites? I've checked the rights for and it should be fine. Must provide citation details but ok for non-profit/educational purposes. Will try and track down which ones epa refers to...

Hmlamond (talk)19:48, 29 September 2009

OK - found them. We are fine to link to the EPA pages, not sure about copying content. Might be safer seeing this is the teacher notes page to just link to it and instruct teacher as such.

Hmlamond (talk)19:59, 29 September 2009