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Hi Declan,

I added an image to the Breaking Bones video in hopes that it would stop the video from saying that it needed to be started. It did this but now has put the image as the thumbnail at the start. Unfortunately, I can't remove it from the timeline because of a server error because I did not create the widget(this is a bug and has been reported to Kaltura). Hopefully, you can remove it if you don't like it.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Rob

Kruhly (talk)19:24, 14 July 2009

No problem Rob,

I did not create it either and I can't seem to edit it.

No harm done,



Dmccabe (talk)15:09, 15 July 2009

Hi Declan,

Good news. Jim Titsler of the tech team has fixed the Kaltura bug with some really fancy foot work :-) You should be able to edit the video now. I have removed my uploaded image from the time line and added a screen shot from the movie for the startpage of the video.



Kruhly (talk)04:21, 17 July 2009