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Bonjour Deborah, just reading through your page and notice that we have a few things in common - languages, Geneva, New York, Florida, music and sports! I am just practising leaving comments on people's pages so there we go! Greetings from New Zealand! Ronja

Ronja (talk)11:30, 30 October 2010


Yes, I see from your page we do have some things in common. Where is your family from in the US?

Let me suggest a text that I believe, from a theoretical and practical standpoint, you will find useful, and not too expensive. "Brave New Digital Classroom: Technolgy and Foreign Language Learning" by Robert J. Blake (2008).

I had a friend in HS from NZ and have dreamed of traveling there. From all you have said and I have heard it is beautiful.

Dcordier (talk)15:00, 1 November 2010