Are the clipart at the microsoft online clipart site that they provide for inserting into Ms word and Ms Powerpoint copyright free?

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I removed everything that had MIcrosoft clipart until I hear from you about whether Mocrosoft clipart is ok to use. I will look at flicker and wikimedia for replacements for my contribution.--redcamarocruiser 20:45, 5 December 2009 (UTC)

Redcamarocruiser (talk)08:45, 6 December 2009

I cannot find a way to delete the copyright infringing microsoft clipart files that I uploaded to the server. says that only admins have permission to delete uploaded material.

The following files should be deleted. The others I uploaded were self created and/or licensed under creative commons 2.0 and can therefore stay.

Thanks again for your help. I am truly sorry for all the trouble I caused you.

2009-12-05T02:18:24 Redcamarocruiser (Talk | contribs) uploaded "Image:Manandboy.jpg" ‎ (man and boy courtesy of Kazumi Hatasa (Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Purdue University)

2009-12-04T21:36:17 Redcamarocruiser (Talk | contribs) uploaded "Image:Comparing2things.jpg" ‎ (scales comparing two things

2009-12-01T23:22:45 Redcamarocruiser (Talk | contribs) uploaded "Image:Comparitives2.pdf" ‎ (For elementary level ESL learners. How to recognize and make comparatives.)

2009-11-30T19:49:43 Redcamarocruiser (Talk | contribs) uploaded "Image:Ppt.jpg" ‎ (Jeopardy screen

2009-11-30T18:40:41 Redcamarocruiser (Talk | contribs) uploaded "Image:Th.jpg" ‎ (jpg of a th pronunciation worksheet)

2009-11-27T22:30:26 Redcamarocruiser (Talk | contribs) uploaded "Image:Pictionaryforwitchesbrew.jpg" ‎ (Halloween symbols and vocabulary )

Redcamarocruiser (talk)10:20, 6 December 2009

Hi there, Sorry for the delayed response, there was a technical glitch which did not let me see your message until just now. You have to make sure that only license-free images are uploaded on the wiki and they also have to be referenced properly as to who took them, when etc. A good reference site are the Mediawiki Creative Commons, who has many free images. Please remember Microsoft is on the other side of the spectrum of WikiEducator, which is Open Source and license-free. WikiEducator only allows two Creative commons licences: Attribution and share alike (cc-by-sa). See the bottom of the WikiEducator main page at Schlicht 18:26, 15 December 2009 (UTC)

Pschlicht (talk)06:26, 16 December 2009