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Wiki Educator community can differentiate itself from other group by starting different projects. Sometimes the Learners or the Professionals want to update themselves but they have no time in studying regular college or school to get the particular certificate or degree. For that we can start the certificate or degree courses in those subjects. </br>

We can even start the tutor group. Sometimes we or the other have problem in a particular topic, that problem can be solved by Wiki educator group.</br>

Now the media has become money oriented.But there are some of the general problems which are still unsolved and nobody raises the questions due to political regions,due to the presence of the other powerful country.</br>

We can get a platform if we raise the problems of our country or of our people, definately, all other groups, people or the community will come forward to work with us.</br>


Sarita agarwal (talk)01:29, 4 April 2008