"All rights Reserved"

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The title is confusing.

See for example the BSD licenses (or any license associated with copyright).

I general, first assert that you are the copyright holder, then grant permissions to the "user".

Avoid this phrase throughout the handbook (it crops up quite often).

Either state the actual license that applies, or label the repository/resource as "permission required" (for usage as an OER) and/or "restricted access", etc..

Ktucker (talk)11:05, 26 June 2008

I agree that it needs to be changed. I suppose the original thinking behind "All Rights Reserved" is that it is a phrase that educators are likely to have come across.

"permission required for usage as an OER" is too long and "Restricted access" doesn't convey the real problem (many of these repositories can be accessed by anyway, it's use beyond that being the problem). What about "fully copyrighted" or "traditional copyright?"

I need something I can put in a sentence like so "the _____ repositories are in the appendix."

Sgurell (talk)11:24, 26 June 2008