The Mythical World of Hīnātore

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Entrance to Hīnātore. Image by Merle Hearns. Kitely build by Aaron Griffiths. CC By

The purpose of this page is to provide hints for users of the literacy game, The Mythical World of Hīnātore. This game is available in Kitely Virtual World: hop://

Māui has been imprisoned by the Death Goddess, Hine-nui-te-pō. The player's challenge is to free Māui. There are six levels of play. Each level brings the player closer to his/her goal of freeing Māui. Each level consists of tasks. Once the tasks are achieved, the level is completed. At each level the player will win the help and support of a demi-god or god(dess) with a special power.

The following pages contain hints for each level of the game.

Level 1: The Legend of Uenuku
Level 2: The Legend of Rona
Level 3: The Legend of Kahukura
Level 4: The Legend of Tāwhaki
Level 5: The Legend of Mahuika
Level 6: The Legend of Hīnātore

The following page will help you at all levels of the game:

Words Easily Confused