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Creating Grouped Objects

When working with a variety of objects, you are able to Group them to keep them together.

  1. Open a blank Word Document
  2. Insert a clipart image e.g. Car
  3. Insert another clipart image this time a flower
  4. Create a WordArt with the text Speedy Deliveries
  5. Place the three images where you would like them to appear
  6. You will need to adjust the Text Wrapping of the objects so that they can overlay each other etc


Grouping Objects

  1. Click once on the Select button, located on the Home Tab in the Editing Group
  2. Choose Select Objects

    With your mouse click and hold the left mouse button and draw a square around all the objects to be grouped
  3. Release the mouse button


  4. Handles will appear on all of the objects
  5. Right Click on one of the objects
  6. Select GroupingGroup
  7. The objects are now grouped together and can be easily moved around the document as a single unit