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My greatest teacher
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Tell us about a teacher that you remember well, one who really connected with you. What was it that he or she did that made you feel connected?

You can read some great stories here, and add your own story here too! You may also be interested to watch this video about "What makes a great teacher?". You will need to have your speakers or headset turned on.

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Title My greatest teacher

Time: 1 to 2 hours

Stimulus 1: The forum mentioned above.

Stimulus 2: Professor Dr. Muhaya Mohamed's video linked above - note that she has many other videos on YouTube.

Purpose The purpose of this activity is to share your own experience of great teaching and to learn about the experiences of your fellow students.


  • Describe your experience of great teaching and tell us about the qualities of that teacher which, in your opinion, made her/him great. Post to this Moodle forum.
  • Reply with comments to at least three other students' postings.
  • Find another good video on this topic and post the link to it on the forum.