Tertiary teaching in New Zealand/Educational culture in New Zealand/How do people learn?/Summary

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Topic Four has given you a quick tour of the literature on "How people learn", but of course we will examine this in much more detail later in the Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education - after all, this is the most important topic of all for an educator. When we look at particular subjects, different content, and especially practical skills, we will see thet these theories can appear in a huge variety of learning situations.

For example, Constructivist learning sounds extremely serious... but it can be used for fun activities which demonstrate experiential learning. Do you know what a possum is? Lovely, cuddly creatures, aren't they? Well, in New Zealand we don't love them so much. Play the Possum Picnic game to find out why!

Understanding how to be a great teacher is one side of the equation - but what makes a great learner? To find out, click here to go to the next topic.